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Welcome to Nails and Beauty by Hannah. A place where you can relax and get your nail treatments done.

Builder in a bottle aka Biab is a thicker gel overlay that is ideal for creating strong overlays and short extensions as a strengthening barrier to natural nails. Builder is ideal for those who have weak brittle nails and those who suffer of regular breaks. It is also ideal for those wanting to grow longer natural nails but need the strength to aid and keep growth. Biab is a infill product which means that we only file over the growth of your natural nails and infill the gap between the gel and your cuticles. This technique avoids overfilling and thinning your nails and will need maintenance every 3-4 weeks including a colour change as the gel polish (shellac colour) is removed and reapplied every appointment. Biab is expected to last 3-4 weeks where as gel polish (shellac) is expected to last only 2-3 weeks.

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